Faced with the problems of an aging facility, the task at hand was to install a pretreatment system for reducing the ph level discharge from the bottling process in addition to replacement of failing sanitary piping. The project required an excavation over 30-feet deep within the facility to accept a large pumping station for transfer to a neutralization tank. In addition to installing the pretreatment system Pepsi found it necessary to replace all of the existing process and sanitary piping some reaching depths of over 16 feet within the facility. The challenge was to perform all of the work without any interruptions to their production. We performed all aspects of the project including the mechanical and electrical with our employees to keep a tight control on the schedule which projected over 18 months. The end result was a flawless without any injuries or delays to the daily production. Pepsi being very environmentally compliant took additional steps to ensure they are a responsible manufacturer by replacing all of the underground piping.

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Wayne Weinecke

Project Manager

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