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Design And Planning
Like the old saying goes 'Failing to plan is planning to fail.' All of our projects we start in the planning stage lay out all the required steps needed to provide accurate time and costs estimates for our clients.
Structural Concrete
We have over 35 years of experience in concrete construction and foundation preparation for manufacturing equipment. Concrete projects can be very temperamental but the experienced crews at NAGC are confident in doing the job right!
Steel Building Construction
We offer pre-engineered steel building for new construction, expansions, as well as repairs to existing facilities. NAGC is an exclusive distributor of Star Building Systems.
Utility Services
NAGC can provide excavation and utility repairs and installation for plant sewer, storm, water and hazardous waste systems.
Metal fabrication
Most construction projects in an industrial settings require metal fabrication and raw material fabrication of some kind. NAGC fabricators and welders are experienced in metal cutting, bending and assembling/disassembly processes.
Manufacturing Plants
From the installation of all process machinery to the foundation it sits on, NAGC can help bring efficiency to your business's physical infrastructure.

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North American General Contractors was formed in 1988 as an industrial general contractor with experience in construction, electrical systems, manufacturing and industrial plants.

We recognized the need for quality construction services in the industrial and manufacturing community. From our beginnings performing small renovations and repairs to plant facilities throughout the area, we have grown to become a leader in our industry performing complex multi-million dollar projects.

Completed projects to date
Total assets installed
$120 million
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Over the years we have had the pleasure to work numerous companies and help them expand their production areas. See all blog posts


Cytec Industries

As the major supplier to the aerospace industry for carbon-fiber reinforcements, Cytec needed to produce more material to satisfy their customers needs. Increasing the amount of epoxy used in the product required large, state-of-the-art mixers designed exclusively for their facility. With existing space at a premium, our project managers worked with the process engineers at Cytec to design the required building to facilitate the equipment and managed the entire project from start to completion. Working in a hazardous environment required daily, stringent safety inspections as well as good housekeeping practices which are part of our daily routine. We worked many off-hours to perform various electrical and mechanical tie-ins to minimize any impact to their production.

Wayne Weinecke

Project Manager



Faced with the problems of an aging facility, the task at hand was to install a pretreatment system for reducing the ph level discharge from the bottling process in addition to replacement of failing sanitary piping. The project required an excavation over 30-feet deep within the facility to accept a large pumping station for transfer to a neutralization tank. In addition to installing the pretreatment system Pepsi found it necessary to replace all of the existing process and sanitary piping some reaching depths of over 16 feet within the facility. The challenge was to perform all of the work without any interruptions to their production. We performed all aspects of the project including the mechanical and electrical with our employees to keep a tight control on the schedule which projected over 18 months. The end result was a flawless without any injuries or delays to the daily production. Pepsi being very environmentally compliant took additional steps to ensure they are a responsible manufacturer by replacing all of the underground piping.

Wayne Weinecke

Project Manager


Cloverland Greenspring Dairies

In any dairy or similar producer of beverages or drinks there is a certain amount of discharge or waste from the process that must be properly treated in order to protect the environment. Cloverland found it necessary to reduce their discharge treatment costs being charged annually to them by the municipality. In conjunction with an environmental engineering firm we constructed a new on site waste water treatment facility including a built on site neutralization tank. This facility not only decreased their annual treatment cost significantly it gave them the ability to monitor all of their wastewater discharge closely in order to stay in compliance with government regulations.

Wayne Weinecke

Project Manager

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"Getting to work with local businesses here in Maryland is a privaledge. We take a lot of pride in the work we do and our customer satisfication.”

Wayne Weinecke
Project Manager at NAGC